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Genetic Crossroads
June 29th, 2007

Check out a few recent posts from CGS' blog, Biopolitical Times. We invite you to add Biopolitical Times to your Internet routines, and to weigh in with your own contributions.

Stem Cell Czar and Development Mogul: A Match Made in California
The most prominent - and powerful - developer in the Sacramento area teams up with California stem cell bigwig Robert Klein, raising another round of questions about Klein's dual role as a lobbyist and a public official.

The Return of Hwang?
What magnitude of transgression is needed to ruin a high-profile career? The bar seems to be pretty high. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that stem cell and cloning researcher Hwang Woo Suk is laying the groundwork for a comeback.

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life
Nigeria recently filed suit against Pfizer for the questionable clinical trials it ran on hundreds of Nigerian children during the country's 1996 meningitis epidemic.

Personalized Stem Cells? Not This Time
Time magazine's website this week zealously reported a new service in which prospective parents undergoing IVF can bank their own "personalized" stem cell lines for potential future therapies. But as with much stem cell reporting, effort is needed to separate any true potential from speculation and hype.

Oh Baby
Today's baby competitions are an odd continuation of the "better baby contests" made popular by the early 20th century American eugenics movement.

FDA Chief to Pharma: Let's Get Cozier
In the high-profile scandals and regulatory failures that have repeatedly rocked the US Food and Drug Administration in recent years, conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry have often figured large.

Congrats on the Great School Work! Here's a New Nose
Graduation gifts use to consist of envelopes stuffed with cash, backpacking trips through Europe, or perhaps a new car for the very fortunate. But a recent MSNBC article highlights a growing trend in grad gift giving: cosmetic surgery.


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