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Presentation at the launch of "Beyond Bioethics" [video]

Francis Fukuyama, Franco Furger, Richard Hayes, William A. Galston, Shannon Brownlee
March 2nd, 2007

Beyond Bioethics

Beyond Bioethics, a new report by Dr. Francis Fukuyama and Dr. Franco Furger, provides the most comprehensive examination to date of legislative and/or regulatory answers to the challenges raised by human biotechnologies in the United States. The report's premise is that reaping the benefits of medical progress offered by biotechnology while preventing possible abuses requires that we create a new regulatory agency. Dr. Fukuyama and Dr. Furger discussed legislative developments at the national and international level and explore public attitudes towards controversial reproductive technologies.

Following their presentation, Richard Hayes of the Center for Genetics and Society, William Galston of The Brookings Institution, and Shannon Brownlee of New America Foundation discussed possible policy implications for biotechnology. Steven Clemons moderated a question and answer session.




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