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Genetic Crossroads
July 26th, 2007

"Singapore Firm Abandons Plans for Stem Cell Therapies," Science (July 20)
"In a sign that hopes for quick medical benefits from stem cells are fading, ES Cell International - a company established with fanfare in Singapore 7 years ago - is halting work on human embryonic stem cell therapies."

"Patrick pitches biotech plan: Cites new jobs, 'contribution to humanity'," Boston Globe (July 20)
"Governor Deval Patrick provided a blueprint yesterday for his proposed $1 billion investment in biotechnology, introducing sweeping legislation that would finance cutting-edge research, create the nation's largest stem cell bank, and provide expanded tax credits to life science companies."

Hugh McLachlan, "Comment: Let's legalise cloning," New Scientist (July 18)
"In many countries, including the UK, human reproductive cloning…is a criminal offence….[S]cientific societies, medical groups and governments around the world have condemned the idea…. why are we so against the idea of cloned human babies?"

"Editorial: Too many hats: Klein needs to pick a stem cell role," Sacramento Bee (July 14)
"If Klein wants to continue to promote the Yolo project or any project that could overlap with his duties as a state official, he needs to resign from CIRM. The sooner the better."

"Hype in Genes," Forbes (July 11)
"Gene celeb Craig Venter is making new breakthroughs at a new institute. Let's hope it doesn't end up like his last one."

"Genetic Engineers Who Don't Just Tinker," New York Times (July 8)
"Forget genetic engineering. The new idea is synthetic biology, an effort by engineers to rewire the genetic circuitry of living organisms."

Barry Kellman, "The potential dark side of genetics," San Francisco Chronicle (July 8)
"Many bioscientists agree that ethnic-specific weapons are scientifically possible, if not now then soon….[O]ur trust in science's benevolence is not misplaced - it's just inadequate."

"Stem-cell research `boosting' women's egg trade," ABC Science Online (July 6)
"An Australian researcher says demand for eggs for stem-cell research will put vulnerable women at increased pressure to sell their ova to unscrupulous dealers".

Denise Caruso, "A Challenge to Gene Theory, a Tougher Look at Biotech," New York Times (July 1)
"The $73.5 billion global biotech business may soon have to grapple with a discovery that calls into question the scientific principles on which it was founded."

Kevin B. O'Reilly, "Confronting eugenics: Does the now discredited practice have relevance to today's technology?," American Medical Association (amednews.com) (July 2)
"A century after Indiana became the first state to authorize eugenic sterilization, physicians and ethicists debate whether this past is prologue."

Ruth Landau, "Assisted Human Reproduction: Lessons of the Canadian Experience," Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly (Winter-Spring 2007) [PDF]
"Surprisingly, one finds a paucity of literature concerning important ethical issues raised by Canada's Assisted Human Reproduction Act.... Canada has set a fine example for all countries who hope to confront the challenging field of assisted human reproduction."


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