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Genetic Crossroads

July 16: Jesse Reynolds was quoted in "A 'Wild West' way of telling baby's sex?" by Rita Rubin, USA Today: "There are sex-selective abortions throughout the world. We shouldn't simply dismiss this as a problem that's 'over there.'"

 July 12: Marcy Darnovsky was quoted in "Cracking Cloning" by the editors of The Scientist: "In order to head off the emergence of a market in which predominantly poor women are the ones who wind up selling their eggs, [the California law] limits payment to reimbursement for direct expenses."

 July 6: Sujatha Jesudason was quoted in "Genetic Disorder" by Dana Goldstein, In These Times: "Genetic screening takes place in a medical model of disability where the assumption is that the problem is the medical condition, not the social context within which people experience disability….Given that most medical institutions and systems are very non-supportive of disability, it becomes very hard to then argue for access and affordability for genetic screening, particularly considering how poor genetic counseling is in this country."

 June 20: Marcy Darnovsky was interviewed on President Bush's veto of the stem cell bill for KTVU News.

 Summer issue: Sujatha Jesudason was quoted in "Designer Babies and the Pro-Choice Movement" by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Dissent. Jesudason described an October 2006 CGS retreat with representatives from reproductive rights, disability rights, LGBT, and other progressive organizations.


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