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Genetic Crossroads
July 26th, 2007

Gametes R Us
In a New York Times Magazine piece last Sunday titled "Your Gamete, Myself," Peggy Orenstein writes at some length about the joys and angst of women who conceive and bear children using other women's eggs…I certainly hope that Orenstein or a similarly gifted reporter will soon give the same sort of close attention to the women who are providing these eggs.

Googling Your Genes?
When Google recently invested nearly $ 4 million in a new gene mapping startup called 23andme, many dismissed it as little more than nepotism. But, CNN/Fortune's Adam Lashinsky suggests that the investment was more than a lavish wedding gift; Google, in his words, has a strong business interest in "getting all that information about the human genome into its database."

Stupid is as Stupid Does
Like the onslaught of summer movies regurgitating tired plot lines, arguments putting forth the idea that intelligence is a fixed, measurable, and heritable trait are making a comeback.

Cloning Cult Enters Stem Cell Business
The alien love cult for the biotech century is back. The Raelians have set up a new company, Stemaid, which claims to offer stem cell therapies, including those via SCNT.

Freeman Dyson's Techno-Megalomania
Not to be missed: Physicist Freeman Dyson's musings, in the July 19 issue of New York Review of Books, about an orgy of genetic manipulation to remake the natural world.


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