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Genetic Crossroads
August 29th, 2007

And Behind This Door...
"Artificial life likely in 3 to 10 years," is the title of a recent widely published Associated Press article, and the message of the scientists interviewed therein.

Foolproof DNA?
News this week that a World War II airman's body was found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains raised several families' hopes that their lost loved ones might have been recovered. Promisingly, DNA technologies might be of assistance. But what's troubling is how some continue to oversell DNA forensics' truth-telling abilities.

Health Care 2.0?
Both Google and Microsoft are planning to forays into health care information, according to a widely circulated article in the New York Times.

Is He for Real? Are You?
If I were paying this guy to think, I'd want a refund. Unless perhaps I was just doing it for the laughs.

Biotechnology Appeals to Our Lizard Brains
Will technologies with enormous power to reshape both society and individuals be initially introduced for frivolous purposes? Will pet cloning and gene therapy for sexual confidence make human reproductive cloning and genetic modification technically feasible and more palatable?

Sicko Profits
While Moore pays close attention to the insurance industry's shady practices, little consideration is given to the burgeoning field of biomedicine and how some of its key players are rewriting the rules in ways that might even make today's insurance executives blush.

Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You
Given the magnitude of Keirstead's promotional activities, his undisclosed personal financial interest, and his own statement of clinical trials "in about a year" back in 2002, his pronouncements on the timeline for embryonic stem cell trials should receive the same skepticism as those of Okarma.


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