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Genetic Crossroads
September 26th, 2007

[California] Stem Cell Pioneer to Lead State's Institute
by Mary Engel, Los Angeles Times
September 15th, 2007

A pioneering Australian biologist who was among the first scientists to grow human embryonic stem cells in a laboratory will lead California's $3-billion effort to translate such research into cures for diseases.

How Do You Like Your Genes? Biofabs Take Orders
by Andrew Pollack, New York Times
September 12th, 2007

Industrial age foundries made cast-metal parts. Information age foundries, or "fabs," produce computer chips. Now come foundries for the biotechnology age, churning out the stuff of life itself.

Ad Campaign Fuels Debate On Breast-Cancer Gene Test
by Marilyn Chase, Wall Street Journal
September 11th, 2007

A new direct-to-consumer ad campaign for a breast-cancer gene test is reigniting a debate over who really needs the test and whether it will induce low-risk women to take drastic measures to prevent the disease.

Under the Influence?
by Kent Sepkowitz , Slate
September 10th, 2007

Just as pharmaceuticals fund studies and pay doctors to give lectures, so too do they buy journal ads and reprints of favorable articles - lots of them. Often a drug company may find one of its products featured in a scientific article while another of its products is dolled up in a high-gloss ad a few pages later. Yet the journals keep quiet about these financial arrangements.

Low-Cost Personal DNA Readings Are on the Way
by Peter Aldhous, New Scientist
September 6th, 2007

It isn't necessary to read your entire genome, however, to browse many of the genetic variations that may influence your health. The most pertinent information could be gleaned by sequencing the 1 per cent of the genome that codes for proteins. Thanks to the advances in sequencing technology, that might be done for as little as $1000 per person.

[UK] Fertility Watchdog to Allow Use of Human-Animal Chimera Embryos for Experiments
Daily Mail
September 3rd, 2007

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority will recommend that the use of the hybrid embryos - where human DNA is put into egg cells removed from dead cows - should go ahead for research purposes.


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