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Genetic Crossroads
September 26th, 2007

September 24: CGS Project Director on Race, Health and Justice Jamie D. Brooks spoke at "Genes and Justice: A Community Symposium on Health, Race and Rights," organized by WE ACT and Libraries for the Future, in New York City.

September 15: Jamie D. Brooks spoke at "Woman 2 Woman II: A Summit on Reproductive Health," organized by Black Women for Wellness, in Los Angeles.

September 14: CGS, the ACLU of Northern California, and the Council for Responsible Genetics co-organized "DNA and Criminal Justice," a meeting of civil liberties lawyers and advocates, in San Francisco.

August 13: CGS Executive Director Richard Hayes briefed the Friends of the Earth International Executive Committee on "Converging Technologies and Ideologies" at their headquarters in Amsterdam.

CGS former intern Gillian Madill has joined the staff of Friends of the Earth USA as its first Human Genetic Engineering Campaigner. She's already had a letter published in the Washington Post on the Genomic Research and Accessibility Act of 2007, which would prohibit further patenting of the human genome.


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