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Genetic Crossroads
October 25th, 2007

Here are some of the recent posts from CGS' blog, Biopolitical Times. We invite you to add Biopolitical Times to your Internet routines or RSS reader, and to weigh in with your own comments.

Hillary Clinton and the Office of Technology Assessment
by Jesse Reynolds
October 19, 2007 ­
Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton used the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet Sputnik launch to unveil her science platform. What about her plan to revive Congress's long-defunct Office of Technology Assessment?

First One in the Pool...
by Marcy Darnovsky
October 17, 2007
The point, of course, is that in fact not everybody is equally represented in the DNA databases that are rapidly expanding in the United States as well as the UK.

Moving the Goalposts on Hybrids
by Jesse Reynolds
October 12, 2007
In recent years, biologists have been advocating the use of various human-animal constructs in their work. They seem to get what they want. In fact, they may now be getting more than they even asked for.

Oprah on Renting Wombs in India: "It's beautiful"
by Jamie D. Brooks
October 11, 2007
On Tuesday, viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Show were informed that Americans going to India to hire surrogates on the cheap is not exploitation. Rather, it's a warm and fuzzy example of "women helping women."

CHA Grant Application: Pushed or Jumped?
by Jesse Reynolds
October 4, 2007
When a controversial applicant for California stem cell research funds withdrew its approved request during its final administrative review, it seemed a bit disingenuous.

The Old Gray Lady's "Distressing" Editorial
by Jesse Reyno­lds
September 25, 2007
It's distressing to see the nation's leading newspaper characterize informed choices about health risks -- choices unswayed by thousands of dollars -- as unacceptable barriers to scientific research.



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