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New from CGS: A Reproductive Justice Framework for Assisted Reproduction

Genetic Crossroads
December 21st, 2007

CGS' Gender and Justice Program has released a new document [PDF] that provides basic background information on assisted reproductive technologies and offers a reproductive justice perspective on them.

More than three million ART babies have been born worldwide in the last 30 years, enabling infertile women and men; single women and men; and lesbian, gay, and transgender couples to form genetically-related families. While these new technologies have created new hopeful possibilities, they also require that we pay attention to issues of health, ethics, law, and policy.

Key concerns include: lack of access; health effects on women and children; potential for devaluation of the lives of people with disabilities; limitations on use by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex individuals and couples; dangers of selecting characteristics of children; the commercial environment surrounding ART; and the nature of regulation in the US and other countries.


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