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Genetic Crossroads
May 14th, 2008

Here are some additional recent posts from CGS' blog, Biopolitical Times. We invite you to add Biopolitical Times to your Internet routines or RSS reader, and to weigh in with your own comments.

Nature on California's "Cronyism"
by Jesse Reynolds, Biopolitical Times
May 9th, 2008
In a recent issue, the editors of Nature - among the most gung-ho supporters of stem cell research - caution against the "cronyism" and "inherent problems" at the California stem cell research agency.

Conflicts of Interest on Federal Stem Cell Committee
by Jesse Reynolds, Biopolitical Times
April 29th, 2008
Almost half the members of the federal government's panel that develops recommendations regarding blood stem cells have conflicts of interest.

Washington Post on DNA Forensics
by Osagie Obasogie, Biopolitical Times
April 22nd, 2008
The Washington Post takes a serious look at the social and legal implications of DNA forensics.

Inaccuracy and Histrionics in Louisiana
by Jesse Reynolds, Biopolitical Times
April 17th, 2008
In a too-common occurrence, the media are inaccurately portraying a stem cell bill, and research advocates are exaggerating its potential impact.


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