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Genetic Crossroads
June 11th, 2008

Conceiving the Future: Reproductive-justice activists on technology and policy [PDF]
by Andi Zeisler and Emily Galpern, Bitch
Emerging reproductive and genetic technologies have raised critical issues for social-justice movements. This roundtable, coordinated by Bitch magazine's Andi Zeisler and Generations Ahead's Emily Galpern, discussion features some of the women who've been engaged in these national conversations.

"Three parent" embryos to fight disease
The Telegraph (UK)
A stem cell technique that can create a child with three genetic parents could prevent some hereditary diseases within three years, scientists believe.

Heart Drug's Racial Focus Proves a Liability Rather Than an Asset
The Star-Ledger
After three years on the market, BiDil has failed to live up to predictions by analysts of $100 million in annual sales. Some would even argue it has been a flop.

Japan to Allow Limited Human Embryonic Cloning
An expert committee in Japan's science ministry agreed to lift a 2001 ban on human cloning for research purposes.

MPs Reject 'Saviour Sibling' Ban
BBC News
A bid to stop parents having "saviour siblings" - babies selected to provide genetic material for seriously ill relatives - has been defeated

Legislator Proposes Ethical Oversight Role for NIH
Nature Reports Stem Cells
A proposed federal stem-cell policy could the lift federal funding restrictions and implement oversight by the National Institutes of Health

Bush Signs Anti-Discrimination Bill [GINA]
Associated Press
President Bush signed legislation to protect people from losing their jobs or health insurance when genetic testing reveals they are susceptible to costly diseases.


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