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Genetic Crossroads
July 16th, 2008

[India] Gov't to review implementation of PCPNDT (Sex Selection) Act
Times of India

The Uttar Pradesh state government has decided to review the poor implementation of India's law prohibiting sex selection.

[United Kingdom] Brown delays embryo bill
The Scotsman

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown postponed until autumn the vote on the bill to overhaul the oversight of assisted reproduction and embryo research.

Skewed birth ratios raise fears of social crisis in Vietnam

Vietnam could experience a major social crisis as a result of a skewed birth rate.

Athletes look to genetics to gain the edge
ABC News

The world sports anti-doping watchdog is on the lookout for new high-tech doping techniques that could be used by cheats at the Beijing Olympics.

India Plans Regulations for Surrogate Motherhood
Sify News

Concerned with an increasing number of foreigners coming to India to rent a womb, the government is planning to come out with regulations to ensure legal and medical rights to surrogate mothers and children born to them.

Muslims not prepared to declare cloning 'halal'
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine's Muslim clerics and food experts said they were not yet prepared to adopt a ruling on whether or not to declare as "halal," which means permissible or lawful, experimental animal cloning.

Scientist: Don't fight sex selection
New Zealand Herald

Selecting the sex of babies will get cheaper, easier and harder to regulate against, says world-renowned human reproduction expert Professor Lord Robert Winston.

Quebec Court Strikes Down Parts of Federal Anti-Cloning Law
The Canadian Press

The Quebec Court of Appeal has ruled that Ottawa overstepped its authority when drawing up laws on assisted human reproduction. The court says dozens of federal provisions on clinical and research activities are unconstitutional because they encroach on provincial jurisdictions.

India Baby Girl Deaths 'Increase'

The number of girls born and surviving in India has hit an all time low compared to boys, says the international anti-poverty group ActionAid.

Scientists Find Hybrid Embryos Easy to Make
Financial Times

Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK have already produced almost 300 hybrid embryos,
by inserting human DNA into cow eggs, since their controversial research project started in January.

Calif. Cracks Down on Genetic Testing Startups
San Francisco Chronicle

California health regulators have demanded that 13 direct-to-consumer genetic testing startups halt sales in the state until they prove they meet state standards

IVF 30 Years On
When the first test-tube baby was born, it wasn't just the beginning of a new life but of a whole new approach to infertility. But what few women realise is that IVF treatment has become increasingly aggressive: so much so that there are very real risks involved.

Loophole in Embryology Bill could allow cloning without new legislation
The Times

A loophole in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill could permit some reproductive cloning without the need for fresh primary legislation, the Government has admitted.


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