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New Dog Cloning Companies; Old Tricks

Genetic Crossroads
July 16th, 2008

Hwang Woo-Suk
Hwang Woo Suk

Back From the Dead: What Dog Cloning Means for Our Human Future
by Osagie K. Obasogie, Alternet
Brought to you by BioArts International, a Northern California biotech startup, man and his dead best friend can now be, as the company's marketing slogan states, "Best Friends Again." And again. And again.

Cloning Canine Patriotism?
by Marcy Darnovsky, Biopolitical Times
Hwang Woo Suk's dog cloning company is running online auctions and a "Golden Clone Giveaway" essay contest. Fortunately, the media are mostly ignoring the hype.


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