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Biopolitics in DC and LA; Top Stories of '09

January 13th, 2010

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Center For Genetics And Society
January 13, 2010
arrow Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics
arrow Beauty, Brains, and Eggs
arrow Top News Stories of the Year
arrow Top Biopolitical Times Blog Posts of 2009
arrow The Latest from Biopolitical Times
arrow Other News
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Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics
[Video featuring CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]

A special presentation at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC to mark the publication of the anthology Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics.

Beauty, Brains, and Eggs
[Video, Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]
KCET, Los Angeles's public television station, examines the big and mostly unregulated business of egg donation.

Top News Stories of the Year
by Jesse Reynolds, Biopolitical Times

We review the six top developments in reproductive and genetic technologies during 2009.

Top Biopolitical Times Blog Posts of 2009
by Jesse Reynolds, Biopolitical Times

The bloggers at Biopolitical Times and other CGS staff picked our favorite posts of the year.

The Latest from Biopolitical Times

Calls for Regulating Surrogacy in the New York Times
by Jesse Reynolds
The paper of record ran four opinions online, each calling for greater oversight of commercial surrogacy.

Nudging the Discourse?

by Pete Shanks

The Popular Mechanics article misleadingly titled "How to Create a Designer Baby" includes a call for regulation of assisted reproduction.

Reparations for Eugenics Victims Stall in North Carolina

by Jesse Reynolds

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that there's been negligible progress in issuing the allocated reparations.

Two New Publications from Generations Ahead
by Marcy Darnovsky
Reports from convenings on DNA forensics and communities of color, and on discussions among disability rights and reproductive rights and justice advocates.

Other News

Mom of 9 cries foul: I was sterilized against my will
by Jessica Fargen, Boston Herald
A mother of nine is suing a hospital, three doctors and two nurses, claiming they permanently sterilized her against her will, violating her reproductive rights.

California board accuses octuplets doctor of negligence
by Kimi Yoshino, Los Angeles Times
Dr. Michael Kamrava stockpiled embryos and failed to assess Nadya Suleman's mental health, panel says.

Cashing in on your genes
by Mark Henderson, The Times (UK)
Will personal DNA testing soon be big business and will our genetic data be safe?

Judge allows DNA sampling for felony arrestees
by Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle
A federal judge refused to block a voter-approved California law requiring anyone arrested on a felony charge to provide DNA samples.

Disease Risk Depends on Which Parent a DNA Variant Is Inherited From
by Nicholas Wade, New York Times
The genetic risk of several common diseases can depend on which parent a DNA variant is inherited from.

Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 million men single
Agence France Presse
More than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses in 2020 according to a study.

In New Way to Edit DNA, Hope for Treating Disease
by Nicholas Wade, New York Times

The UK government has dropped plans to give ministers wide powers on holding innocent people's DNA data on record.


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