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Women outraged over drug's ill effectsby Kay LazarBoston HeraldAugust 24th, 1999
Women seek answers on drugs suspected side effectsWomen battle for answers to post-drug health problemsby Kay LazarBoston HeraldAugust 23rd, 1999
Medical miracle turns nightmare - Wonder drug for men alleged to cause harm in womenby Kay LazarBoston HeraldAugust 22nd, 1999
Clone Defects Point to Need for 2 Genetic Parentsby Rick WeissThe Washington PostMay 10th, 1999
Designer Babiesby Michael D. LemonickTimeJanuary 11th, 1999
Designer Babiesby Sharon BegleyNewsweekNovember 9th, 1998
SuperhumansLike it or not, in a few short years we'll have the power to control our own evolutionby Robert Taylor New ScientistOctober 1st, 1998
Germline Gene Therapy Contemplatedby Jeffrey FoxNature BiotechnologyMay 1st, 1998
Scientists Attempt to Patent "Designer Sperm"ReutersApril 13th, 1994
Designer Peopleby Sally DeneenE MagazineThe Human Genetic Blueprint Has Been Drafted, Offering Both Perils and Opportunities for the Environment. The Big Question: Are We Changing the Nature of Nature?
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