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IBM CEO: Watson Health is ‘Our Moonshot’ in Healthcareby Greg SlabodkinHealth Data ManagementApril 20th, 2015A new IBM business unit launched last week aims to help physicians, researchers, insurers and patients use big data, analytics and mobile technology to achieve better health outcomes.
Journalist Tells Sad History of NC Eugenics Programby John DrescherNews & ObserverApril 17th, 2015John Railey said he wrote the book to remember the victims, including his friend Nial Cox Ramirez, who was sterilized in 1965 when she was 18 years old and living in rural Washington County.
Commercial Surrogacy Should be Legalised, Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant Saysby Bridget BrennanABC [Australia]April 17th, 2015She said two disturbing cases of child abandonment in India and Thailand should force the Federal Government to act.
The Printed Organs Coming to a Body Near Youby Heidi LedfordNatureApril 15th, 2015From kidneys to hands, 3D printers are churning out made-to-order bones and rudimentary organs.
Personalizing Cancer Treatment With Genetic Tests Can Be Trickyby Richard HarrisNational Public RadioApril 15th, 2015Genetic tests also spot a lot of ambiguous information, and that can sometimes lead people into clinical trials that are wrong for them.
CRISPR Patent Fight Now a Winner-Take-All Matchby Antonio RegaladoMIT Technology ReviewApril 15th, 2015Lab notebooks could determine who was first to invent a revolutionary gene-editing technology.
Masters of our Future: Genetic Tweaking with Mitochondrial Donationby Max GorynskiShout Out UKApril 14th, 2015Its becoming a reality provokes a question that itself provokes as much awe as anxiety: can we really modify our nature, and to what end?
Colorado Bill Would Add DNA Testing for Eight Misdemeanor Convictionsby Noelle PhillipsThe Denver PostApril 14th, 2015Those who commit one of the eight misdemeanors are more likely to commit more violent crimes, said Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.
A NASA Scientist Is Behind the 'My DNA Was Planted' Viral Craigslist Adby Kari PaulMotherboardApril 14th, 2015A Craigslist ad thoug​ht to be covert advertising is actually an experimental post that evolved into a form of performance art, according to the NASA scientist who created it
DNA Testing Is a Slippery Slopeby Russell SaundersThe Daily BeastApril 14th, 2015Money shark Mark Cuban set off a firestorm on Twitter after recommending blood tests for “everything available.” Genetic testing has value, but it’s not for commercial use.
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