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Public interest group calls for ICOC to adopt rules for public accountability and transparencyFebruary 2nd, 2005
Center for Genetics and Society calls for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to delay grants until guidelines in placeJanuary 3rd, 2005
Center for Genetics and Society Calls for Tough Public Oversight of California Stem Cell InstituteNovember 2nd, 2004
Press conference: Pro-choice opposition to Proposition 71 [audio]October 27th, 2004On October 27, the Prochoice Alliance Against Proposition 71 held a telephone-based press conference featuring a panel of experts.
Pro-Choice Genetics Think Tank Criticizes California Stem Cell Initiative; Is Encouraged by Kerry ProposalOctober 5th, 2004
The California Stem Cell InitiativeSeptember 24th, 2004
Joint statement of Our Bodies Ourselves and the Center for Genetics and Society regarding the report of the President's Council on BioethicsReproduction and Responsibility: the Regulation of New BiotechnologiesApril 1st, 2004
New Canadian Cloning and Assisted Reproduction Law Could Be Model for the U.S., Experts SayMarch 15th, 2004
Response to Cloning Claim December 30th, 2002
Open Letter on Sex Selection to Fertility Industry Trade Group January 18th, 2002
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