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Experts Warn of Moral Crisis From Genetic Scienceby Leonie ShermanNorth Gate News OnlineOctober 11th, 2004Marcy Darnovsky and Bill McKibben told an audience at UC Berkeley last night that human capability to design children is not a distant dream but a coming reality that presents moral challenges American society is not yet prepared to deal with.
The Ghost of Medical AtrocitiesWhat's Next, After the Unveiling?by Howard Markel, M.D.New York TimesDecember 12th, 2003Since Tuskegee, several disturbing instances have come to light. In those cases, scientists, physicians and the government-sanctioned research or treatments that we would today consider unethical, like trials of untested vaccines or medications on mentally retarded children and prisoners. Increasingly, public apologies have been made to smooth over these clinical transgressions. Yet the doctor in me wonders whether these gestures will cure what ails us.
Designer Genesby Bill McKibbenOrionApril 30th, 2003Once you accept the idea that our bodies are essentially plastic, and that it's okay to manipulate that plastic, there's no reason to think that consumers would balk because "genes" were involved instead of, say, "toxins." Especially since genetic engineering would not promote your own vanity, but instead be sold as a boon to your child. The vision of genetic engineers is to do to humans what we have already done to salmon and wheat, pine trees and tomatoes.
Human Cloning and Genetic TechnologyThe Global Challenge to Social Justice, Human Rights and the EnvironmentFebruary 25th, 2003The Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Center for Genetics and Society, and the Worldwatch Institute presented a briefing and discussion in Washington.
Health & Human Rights Leaders Call for Global Ban on Species-Altering ProceduresGenetic CrossroadsOctober 3rd, 2001
Disabled Peoples International Statement on Human GeneticsGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001The European contingent of Disabled Peoples International (DPI Europe) released a position statement in November on the new human genetics.
Support for Genetic DiscriminationGenetic CrossroadsAugust 4th, 2000
The Genetic Bill of Rightsby The Board of Directors of the Council for Responsible GeneticsCouncil for Responsible Genetics
Interview with Richard Hayes by Casey WalkerHuman Genetic Engineeringby Casey WalkerWild Duck ReviewMay 31st, 1999
Protecting the Endangered Human [PDF]Toward an International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable Alterationsby George Annas, Lori Andrews, and Rosario IsasiAmerican Journal of Law & Medicine, 28 (2002):151-178
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