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Race and Reification in Scienceby Troy DusterScienceFebruary 18th, 2005The use of the concept of race in pharmacogenomics, forensics, and human molecular genetics continues apace, despite the imprecision of the category and the growing number of voices suggesting caution, and even a "sunset clause" for its continued deployment. The new technologies that can generate SNP patterns and profiles for any population have created an ever growing risk that racial categories will be mistakenly re-inscribed as "genetic." The author urges geneticists to counter this problem actively by the way they report their findings
Race and the Biotech AgendaPresentation at the Symposium, "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda, the Human Future: What Direction for Liberals and Progressives?"by Dorothy RobertsDecember 9th, 2004This is the text of Dr. Roberts' presentation at the Symposium, "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda, the Human Future: What Direction for Liberals and Progressives?" held in New York.
Report from the Gender and Justice in the Gene Age ConferenceGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
The Ghost of Medical AtrocitiesWhat's Next, After the Unveiling?by Howard Markel, M.D.New York TimesDecember 12th, 2003Since Tuskegee, several disturbing instances have come to light. In those cases, scientists, physicians and the government-sanctioned research or treatments that we would today consider unethical, like trials of untested vaccines or medications on mentally retarded children and prisoners. Increasingly, public apologies have been made to smooth over these clinical transgressions. Yet the doctor in me wonders whether these gestures will cure what ails us.
Race, Gender and Justice in the Gene Age background materialsNovember 13th, 2003Background materials on race, gender, and justice in the gene age, distributed at SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights National Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, November 13-16, 2003
A New Racismby Nadine GordimerWorld WatchJune 30th, 2002
World Conference on Racism Addresses Human Genetic EngineeringGenetic CrossroadsOctober 3rd, 2001
Genism, Racism, and the Prospect of Genetic GenocidePrepared for presentation at UNESCO 21st Century Talks: The New Aspects of Racism in the Age of Globalization and the Gene Revolution at the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africaby George J. Annas
Scientists, Activists, and Biotech Execs Debate Human Genetic Modification at State of the World ForumGenetic CrossroadsOctober 16th, 2000
Race and the New Reproduction (Chapter 6 of Killing the Black Body)by Dorothy RobertsKilling the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and the Meaning of Liberty (New York; Pantheon, 1997)
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