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Bioethicist Arthur Caplan predicts designer babiesGenetic CrossroadsNovember 21st, 1999
ASILOMAR 2Genetic CrossroadsOctober 4th, 1999
Interview with Richard Hayes by Casey WalkerHuman Genetic Engineeringby Casey WalkerWild Duck ReviewMay 31st, 1999
Human germline gene modification: a dissent. (Viewpoint)by Paul R Billings; Ruth Hubbard; Stuart A. NewmanThe LancetMay 29th, 1999
SuperhumansLike it or not, in a few short years we'll have the power to control our own evolutionby Robert Taylor New ScientistOctober 1st, 1998
Germline Gene Therapy Contemplatedby Jeffrey FoxNature BiotechnologyMay 1st, 1998
Problems of Germline Therapyby Anne McLaren and Jonathan EwbankNatureApril 16th, 1998
Scientists Attempt to Patent "Designer Sperm"ReutersApril 13th, 1994
Designer Peopleby Sally DeneenE MagazineThe Human Genetic Blueprint Has Been Drafted, Offering Both Perils and Opportunities for the Environment. The Big Question: Are We Changing the Nature of Nature?
Protecting the Endangered Human [PDF]Toward an International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable Alterationsby George Annas, Lori Andrews, and Rosario IsasiAmerican Journal of Law & Medicine, 28 (2002):151-178
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