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Of Mice, Men and In-Between: Scientists Debate Blending Of Human, Animal Formsby Rick WeissWashington PostNovember 20th, 2004Scientists are increasingly interested in human-animal hybrid embryos, called chimeras. "But with no federal guidelines in place, an awkward question hovers above the work: How human must a chimera be before more stringent research rules should kick in?"
Genetics bill on the way after long labour (New Zealand)by Kevin TaylorNew Zealand HeraldOctober 5th, 2004Eight years after its first introduction, a bill to regulate assisted reproductive technologies - including bans on reproductive cloning, IGM, and sex selection for social reasons - is ready for floor debate.
Report by the President's Council on Bioethics: Reproduction and ResponsibilityGenetic CrossroadsApril 9th, 2004
FEATURE: HUMAN-ANIMAL CHIMERASGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 13th, 2004
Gods and Monstersby Mark DowieMother Jones (January/February 2004)December 31st, 2003Talking apes, flying pigs, superhumans with armadillo attributes, and other strange considerations of Dr. Stuart Newman's fight to patent a human/animal chimera
China, "The Cloning Superpower"Genetic CrossroadsDecember 17th, 2002
Averting the clone age [PDF]Prospects and perils of human developmental manipulationby Stuart NewmanJournal of Contemporary Health Law and PolicyNovember 30th, 2002
It's worth copying Canada's model for cloning legislationby Richard HayesSeattle TimesJune 3rd, 2002The United States should take the Canadian experience to heart. A broad and informed debate is essential if we are to realize the best and avoid the worst that the new genetic technologies have to offer. We cannot afford to do less on a matter of such consequence.
Greenpeace Prevents Patents on Pig-Human EmbryosGenetic CrossroadsOctober 16th, 2000
POINTERS Genetic CrossroadsSeptember 10th, 1999
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