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July 9, 2004 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
July 9th, 2004

"An ethical response to the implications of the emerging biotechnology project…has been hobbled by misdirection, conceptual impoverishment, and the failure to identify the most fundamental nature of the moral, and ultimately political, challenges posed. Neither side in the biotechnology debate so far has grasped that a new form of power has arisen and with it a new form of the quintessentially 'political' question of how to tame - to civilize - power."

- Bruce Jennings, "The Liberalism of Life: Bioethics in the Face of Biopower," Raritan 22:4 (Spring 2003)

Report from the Gender and Justice in the Gene Age ConferenceGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
Special Review: New Controversies over Stem Cells and CloningGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004Controversy continues over research cloning and embryonic stem cell policy, generating higher political and financial stakes than ever before - along with continuing uncertainty, ambivalence, and confusion.
CGS PRESENTATIONS AND EVENTSGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
Latest ResourcesGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004The Center for Public Integrity has released a seven-part report on the politics and policies of cloning, and the Genetics and Public Policy Center has released a new public opinion survey.
NEWSDAY SERIES ON SEX SELECTIONGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
IN THE NEWSGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
LEGISLATIVE BEATGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004
TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTSGenetic CrossroadsJuly 9th, 2004


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