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November 10, 2005 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
November 10th, 2005

Fertility Doctors Announce Sex Selection "Clinical Trial" That Will Create Children For Experimental StudyGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
World Stem Cell Foundation: End Run Around Oversight?Genetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
San Francisco Clinic Set To Provide Eggs For ResearchGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
California Stem Cell Program: A Billion-Dollar Bait And Switch?Genetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
Sacramento State Hosts First Ever Conference On The History Of California EugenicsGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005A landmark conference held at Sacramento State University, From Eugenics to Designer Babies: Engineering the California Dream, focused on California's eugenic past and the prospect of a market-driven eugenic future.
Baby Gender Mentor Is Fraudulent, Some Women SayGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsNovember 10th, 2005
Jose Canseco and Human Genetic EngineeringWill He Be Right Again?by Osagie ObasogieCincinnati EnquirerOctober 21st, 2005Canseco argued that gene doping "is definitely the next big step in evolution." Genetic enhancement, he said, "goes way beyond sports."


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