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September 14, 2006 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
September 14th, 2006

Stem Cells on Missouri's Ballot: Much Political Ado, Little Policy MeaningGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 14th, 2006On the heels of federal debate over human embryonic stem cell research, and two years after the passage of California's stem cell research initiative, the issue returns to a state ballot. But this time, in the central state of Missouri, the policy proposal is much different.
Fake it Til You Make itGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 14th, 2006Advanced Cell Technology is a small biotech company with a knack for generating media headlines, which in turn, generate controversy, money from investors and stock spikes, but little in the way of real scientific advance. Last month, ACT—now a publicly traded company—did it again.
Stem Cells in CaliforniaGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 14th, 2006
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 14th, 2006
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 14th, 2006


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