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Mexico gives go-ahead to genomic medicine instituteby Arturo BarbaSciDev.NetJuly 26th, 2004After five years of planning by scientists and three years of political wrangling about a controversial proposed law covering cloning and research on human embryos, Mexican president Vicente Fox last week approved the creation of the National Genomic Medicine Institute (INMEGEN).
MEDIA COVERAGE OF DNA AT FIFTYGenetic CrossroadsMay 9th, 2003
Watson's Worldby Susan LindeeScienceApril 18th, 2003
David King on the Genome AnnouncementGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 21st, 2001
News Stories about Tinkering with DNA Miss the Big PictureGlowing Rabbit Shows We're Creeping Toward Redesigning Human Lifeby Tom Abate San Francisco ChronicleSeptember 25th, 2000
In Wake of Genetic Revolution, Questions About Its Meaningby Eric Lander, PhDThe New York TimesSeptember 12th, 2000
The New Politics of Human Genetics: A Comment and a RequestGenetic CrossroadsAugust 4th, 2000
Collins and Venter on Human Germline EngineeringGenetic CrossroadsAugust 4th, 2000
A NOTE FROM THE EDITORSGenetic CrossroadsJune 12th, 2000
The Mystique of the Phantom "Gay Gene"by Philip L. BereanoSeattle TimesFebruary 26th, 1996There is significant social debate on whether homosexuality is a biological characteristic.... The scientific argument for a biological basis for sexual orientation remains weak.
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