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Richard Hayes's Presentations & Talks

Inequality, the Environment and the Human FutureThis 1994 commencement address identifies the growth of economic inequality as an existential danger and calls on students and others to prepare to take action to counter it.
Is there an emerging international consensus on the proper uses of the new human genetic technologies? Testimony of Richard Hayes before the US House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Tradeby Richard HayesJune 19th, 2008While countries differ widely in the policies they have adopted, in regard to the most consequential of these technologies, the answer is "Yes."
Presentation at the launch of "Beyond Bioethics" [video]Francis Fukuyama, Franco Furger, Richard Hayes, William A. Galston, Shannon Brownleehttp://www.newamerica.net/events/2007/beyond_bioethicsMarch 2nd, 2007
Opening Comments at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) consultation on Human Enhancementby Richard HayesJune 1st, 2006
Introduction to "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda and the Human Future"by Richard HayesDecember 9th, 2004Introduction to "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda and the Human Future," New York, NY
Inequality, Democracy and the New Human Biotechnologiesby Richard HayesJuly 15th, 2004Presentation at "Inequality, Democracy and the New Human Biotechnologies: A Threshold Challenge for the 21st Century," New York, NY
Towards an International Ethical, Social and Political Accord on Human Cloning and Human Species - AlterationNovember 1st, 2002Abstracts from presentations at "Sixth World Congress of Bioethics"
Interview with Richard Hayes by Casey WalkerHuman Genetic Engineeringby Casey WalkerWild Duck ReviewMay 31st, 1999


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