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UC Berkeley, Don't Send Those Swabsby Jesse ReynoldsSan Francisco Chronicle June 7th, 2010UC Berkeley plans to send cotton swabs to thousands of freshmen and transfer students, for samples for DNA analysis. This plan is problematic for several reasons.
Emerging Technologies and a Sustainable, Healthy, Just WorldThe Case of Human Reproductive and Genetic Technologiesby Marcy Darnovsky and Jesse ReynoldsBiodiversity: The Newsletter of the Consultative Group on Biological Diversity (Winter 2010)Environmentalists are in a position to play a critically important role in determining how powerful, emerging technologies are ultimately developed, used, and regulated.
Symbol over Substanceby Jesse ReynoldsGeneWatch (Sep-Oct 2009)Cloning-based stem cell research has been more symbol than substance; more moving target than realistic goal. But it has been a monkey wrench in the gears for progressive advocates of responsible biotechnologies.
Monkeys, Mitochondria, and the Human Germline by Jesse ReynoldsBioethics ForumSeptember 18th, 2009The researchers into radically novel techniques display an alarmingly casual attitude toward risks to the potential children born, the difficulties and dangers of obtaining the large numbers of the required women's eggs, and the potentially dire social consequences of human inheritable genetic modification.
The Battle to Patent Your Genes The Meaning of the Myriad Caseby Marcy Darnovsky and Jesse ReynoldsThe American Interest (September - October 2009)A legal showdown looms over the patenting of human genes.
Obama Cools the Stem-Cell Debateby Jesse ReynoldsSan Francisco ChronicleApril 27th, 2009The draft federal guidelines on embryonic stem cell research are a thoughtful approach, and the right thing to do.
Obama's stem cell policy is welcome change, but ethics are permanent feature of debateby Jesse ReynoldsThe Jurist onlineMarch 18th, 2009A few overlooked points about the change in federal stem cell research policy.
Preventing the Next Fertility Clinic Scandalby Jesse ReynoldsBioethics ForumMarch 13th, 2009What was remarkable about the reaction to two recent IVF controversies was the chorus of agreement that itís time to leave the "Wild West" days of assisted reproduction behind.
Custom-Designed Kids: How Darwin's Legacy Is Being Abusedby Jesse ReynoldsAlterNetFebruary 12th, 2009Two contentious conversations about genes and society continue to haunt America.
NY stem cell research nears dangerous lineby Jesse ReynoldsNewsdayJanuary 23rd, 2009Stem cell research may soon make headlines again. But in New York, a different type of stem cell controversy is brewing.
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