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December 14, 2006 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads

Year in Review: Public secrets of the assisted reproduction industry (Part 1 of 5)Genetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006Reproductive tourism: Class and conception in the global economy; The business that dares not speak its name; Selecting embryos for sex and arthritis
Year in Review: Race and medicine: Bedfellows again? (Part 2 of 5)Genetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006This past spring, a small U.S. company called GenSpec launched a targeted advertising campaign for racially specific multi-vitamins and weight loss pills in publications including Sports Illustrated Latino, Hispanic, Latina, Ebony, Black Enterprise and Jet.
Year in Review: Stem cell politics: Good, bad, ugly (Part 3 of 5)Genetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006California stem cell program: How much progress since its "C-" grade?; Public funds and conflicts of interest mark stem cell programs in other states; The Bush veto and the new Congress
Year in Review: Research cloning: Next front in the stem cell wars? (Part 4 of 5)Genetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006Scientific fraud of the century; Australia and Missouri approve research cloning
Year in Review: New policies, more controversy on eggs for research (Part 5 of 5)Genetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006The public and political debate about stem cell research remains dominated by the divisive embryo issue. But some policy makers are beginning to address the risks posed by the procurement of women's eggs, which researchers want in large numbers for efforts to derive stem cells from cloned embryos.
California's Stem Cell Research Program: An UpdateGenetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006The last month has witnessed a wide variety of developments at California's stem cell research program.
The Latest From Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006Check out a few of last month's posts from CGS' new blog: Spinning the Polls; CSI Daycare?; Free-market stem cells?; Regulating Nanotechnologies; Corporate Interests Outweigh Women's Health
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006CGS program director Sujatha Jesudason will present at the National Consultation on New Reproductive Technologies and their Implications for Women in India, addressed a group of key feminists, bioethicists and reproductive rights leaders in Mexico, and spoke at the International Conference on Citizenship and Commons; Jesse Reynolds spoke on stem cell research to a gathering of the Physician Advocacy Fellows; and Women of color, health, and social justice advocates came together for a dynamic conversation on the implications of new genetic and reproductive technologies
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsDecember 14th, 2006Op-Eds by Richard Hayes and Parita Shah, plus news about polls, parental choices, the UN, and conflicts of interest


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