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February 28, 2007 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads

Researchers Push for Looser Rules on Procuring Women's EggsGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007Scientists who want large numbers of women's eggs for cloning-based stem cell research face widespread objections and concerns because of the risks that egg retrieval poses for women and the speculative nature of benefits from research cloning.
UK Campaign to Stop Genetically Modified Human Embryosby Marcy DarnovskyGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007The UK-based Human Genetics Alert (HGA) has launched a campaign to prevent Britain from becoming the first country in the world to sanction the production of genetically modified human embryos.
Our Biopolitical Future: Four ScenariosGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007CGS Executive Director Richard Hayes' essay "Our Biopolitical Future: Four Scenarios" is the cover story of the March/April issue of World Watch magazine.
Bill to End Human Gene Patents Introduced in HouseGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007Hoping to end patents on human genes and genetic material, Representatives Xavier Becerra (D-CA) and Dave Weldon (R-FL) have introduced HR 977, the Genomic Research and Accessibility Act.
California Stem Cell UpdateGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007CIRM grant process reveals deep flaws; Legislature moves to ensure affordable treatments and returns on public investment; Appeals court ruling favors stem cell institute
The Latest From Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007CGS' blog Biopolitical Times offers news and opinion on the politics of human biotechnologies: * Cloning human beings? The "inevitability" power play * Atlanta: Where apologizing for eugenics is somehow controversial * Sex selection and the New York Times and more...
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007Executive Director Richard Hayes will be on Capitol Hill at the invitation of the New America Foundation to comment on Francis Fukuyama's and Franco Furger's Beyond Bioethics; Richard Hayes was invited to respond to computer scientist Verner Vinge; The Boston Globe published CGS Project Director Osagie Obasogie's op-ed
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007"Increase in Egg Donors Raises Concerns," "$40,000 for their designer daughter," "Opinion: Patenting Life," and more.


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