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Extreme Genetic Engineering and the Human FutureReclaiming Emerging Biotechnologies for the Common GoodThe Center for Genetics and Society and Friends of the Earth examine the human applications of synthetic biology. This 50-page report challenges claims that this new set of genetic engineering techniques should be seen as "the future of manufacturing, engineering and medicine."
CGS Letter to the FDA on Mitochondrial TransferThe Center for Genetics and Society's letter regarding the FDA's February 25-26 public meeting to discuss the advisability of a technique that would modify the human germline.
Responsible Federal Oversight of the New Human Biotechnologies: Opportunities for the New Administration [PDF] The Center for Genetics and Society's recommendations for the Obama Administration concerning the new human biotechnologies include 1) Immediate opportunities for policy action; 2) How Obama can reshape the debate; and 3) Issues likely to demand attention over the next four years.
Playing the Gene Card? A Report on Race and Human Biotechnologyby Osagie ObasogieAn ever-increasing number of DNA-based products are being promoted and sold. While many have important benefits, "Playing the Gene Card?" focuses on three that pose particular risks for African American and other minority communities.
Next Steps for Stem Cell Research and Related Policies [PDF]Considerations for the New AdministrationJanuary 7th, 2009The Center for Genetics and Society met on January 2 with members of the new administration's transition team to discuss its future stem cell policies.
Geneticizing Disease [PDF]Implications for Racial Health Disparities by Jamie D. Brooks and Meredith L. KingJanuary 15th, 2008This joint report by the Center for American Progress and the Center for Genetics and Society examines the mainstream media's focus on genetic links to disease and health disparities and recent attempts to racialize those genetic links. Detailed in the report are the implications of this trend and a refocusing of the discussion on racial health disparities on the social determinants that impact disparities in the United States.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies [PDF]Overview and Perspective Using a Reproductive Justice Frameworkby Emily GalpernDecember 10th, 2007This document, produced by the Gender and Justice Program, provides basic background information on assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and offers a perspective on ART using a reproductive justice framework.
A Decade After Dolly [PDF]June 29th, 2006Ten years ago this summer, the world’s first cloned mammal was born. The lamb named 6LL3—soon to become famous as “Dolly”—was created from the DNA of an adult sheep by a team of veterinary researchers, led by Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell, at the Roslin Institute in Scotland.
The Basics: Stem Cells and Public Policy [PDF][offsite]June 16th, 2006This report, published by The Century Foundation, provides a concise, comprehensive overview of the implications of stem cell research for the development for public policy. It was authored by CGS's Richard Hayes in collaboration with Pete Shanks and Marcy Darnovsky.
The California Stem Cell Program at One Year: A Progress Report [PDF]January 18th, 2006This comprehensive progress report critically evaluates the first year of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the agency running California's new multi-billion dollar stem cell research program. It assesses the CIRM's performance, assigns grades in key areas, and offers specific policy recommendations.
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