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June 29, 2007

Bigger than Dolly?by Jesse ReynoldsGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2007Here in the United States, political maneuverings around embryonic stem cell research made headlines throughout June. But this was little more than rehearsed political theatre, reenacting a well-known script.
Synthetic BiologyVenter's Trillion-Dollar Dream Spotlights Dangers of "Self-Regulation"Genetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2007Yesterday's announcement that biotech entrepreneur Craig Venter is one step closer to constructing a self-replicating artificial life form should be a wake-up call. Venter's move to construct a synthetic bacterial species paves the way for the deliberate or accidental creation of pathogens of unprecedented virulence.
Prisoners and Clinical TrialsCruel and Unusual Ethics?by Osagie K. ObasogieGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2007Much ink has been spilled over the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) recent recommendation to loosen federal restrictions on using prisoners as human subjects in medical research. The committee's approach raises serious questions about the more permissive framework it recommends.
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2007Check out a few recent posts from CGS' blog, Biopolitical Times. We invite you to add Biopolitical Times to your Internet routines, and to weigh in with your own contributions.
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2007British body backs inter-species clones, Reluctance of egg donors stymies Harvard efforts, and Outlaw DNA.


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