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July 26, 2007

Reflections on Repro-GeneticsLiberals and Progressives Weigh InGenetic CrossroadsJuly 26th, 2007Several liberal and progressive commentators have weighed in recently on emerging reproductive and genetic technologies.
Do Two Friedman Units Equal One Okarma?by Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesJuly 26th, 2007Geron, the leading private firm trying to commercialize human embryonic stem cell products, has stated that clinical trials will occur "next year" - for the fourth year in a row.
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsJuly 26th, 2007Gametes R Us, Googling Your Genes?, Stupid is as Stupid Does, and more.
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsJuly 26th, 2007Richard Hayes at Sandia National Laboratories, Patricia Berne with the Hastings Center and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Marcy Darnovsky at the Center for American Progress, and more.
CGS in the NewsGenetic CrossroadsMedia citations of CGS staff in USA Today, The Scientist, In These Times, and more.
Other News and ViewsGenetic CrossroadsJuly 26th, 2007Singapore Firm Abandons Plans for Stem Cell Therapies, Patrick pitches biotech plan: Cites new jobs, 'contribution to humanity', Too many hats: Klein needs to pick a stem cell role, and more.


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