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Sujatha Jesudason's Presentations & Talks

Reproductive Justice: Voices from SisterSong [MP3]by Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, Mia Mingus, and Sujatha JesudasonNational Radio ProjectJune 27th, 2007Audio highlights from the 10th anniversary of SisterSong
Reproductive & Genetic Technologies [PDF]by Sujatha JesudasonPresentation on the Panel on Assisted Reproductive and Genetic Technologies at the Causes in Common National Coalition Meeting, Chicago, IL
Powerful Reproductive and Genetic Technologies in an Unjust World [PDF]Envisioning a Path to Justiceby Sujatha JesudasonJanuary 5th, 2007Presentation at the National Consultation on New Reproductive Technologies and their Implications for Women, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Gender, Justice and the New Human Biotechnologies [PDF]New Challenges for Equality, Human Rights and Social Justiceby Sujatha JesudasonNovember 15th, 2006Presentation at The Moriah Fund, Washington, DC
Building Movements [PDF]Disability, Race, Gender, Sexuality and Genetic Technologiesby Sujatha JesudasonNovember 9th, 2006Presentation at the Conference on Representing Disability: Theory, Policy, Practice, Haverford College
The Challenges of Sex Selection [PDF]by Sujatha JesudasonMarch 8th, 2006Presentation at National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum Briefing, Center for American Progress, Washington, DC
Sex Selection: The Old & New Challenges for Asian Women [PDF]by Sujatha JesudasonJune 20th, 2005Presentation at the National Asian Pacific American Women's National Leadership Institute and Membership Gathering, Seattle


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