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Jamie D. Brooks's Presentations & Talks

Genetics and JusticeImplications of New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies for women of Colorby Jamie D. BrooksJuly 1st, 2007Presentation at the Race and Membership in American History Course in Hayward, CA
Genetics and JusticeNeoliberalism and New Genetic and Reproductive Technologiesby Jamie D. BrooksJune 29th, 2007Presentation at the US Social Forum in Atlanta, GA
New Genetic and Reproductive TechnologiesA Racial Justice Analysisby Jamie D. BrooksJune 28th, 2007Presentation at the US Social Forum in Atlanta, GA
Designer Genes and the Implications for Women of Color by Jamie D. BrooksJune 1st, 2007Presentation at SisterSongís "Letís Talk About Sex" conference, Chicago, IL


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