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Emily Galpern's Presentations & Talks

Race and ethnicity have no real biological meaningby Kevin LoriaTech InsiderNovember 20th, 2015Genes can identify a person and find related people, but trying to fit groups of people into "races" was biologically inaccurate in the first place.
Surviving Ourselves [PDF]Unpacking Reproductive Justice, Genetic Technologies & Eugenicsby Emily Galpern, Mia Mingus, and Cara PageJune 1st, 2007Presentation at SisterSong’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” Conference, Chicago, IL
Targeting College Women for Egg "Donation" [PDF]by Emily GalpernMarch 31st, 2007Presenation at "From Abortion Rights to Social Justice" Conference Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
The Egg Trade [MP3]Making Sense of the Market for Human Oocytesby Debora Spar and Emily GalpernNew England Journal of MedicineMarch 29th, 2007Interview with Debora Spar and Emily Galpern on the U.S. market for human oocytes
New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies [PDF]Considerations, Concerns, and Consequences for Reproductive Justiceby Emily Galpern and Osagie ObasogieMarch 10th, 2007Presentation at Law Students for Choice National Conference, Stanford University School of Law; Palo Alto, CA
Genetics and Justice [PDF]The Impact of Sex Selection in Asian Pacific American (APA) Communitiesby Emily GalpernNovember 6th, 2006Presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA


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