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Jamie D. Brooks's Publications

Looking for Donor Dadsby Jamie D. BrooksBiopolitical TimesFebruary 18th, 2008The Oprah Winfrey Show features kids of sperm donors looking for their biological dads.
Blaming Your Genes for Your Health Problems? Not so Fast.by Jamie D. Brooks and Meredith L. KingAlternet.orgJanuary 18th, 2008Problems arise when race as a social reality and race as a scientific "fact" are conflated in medical research.
Geneticizing Disease [PDF]Implications for Racial Health Disparities by Jamie D. Brooks and Meredith L. KingJanuary 15th, 2008This joint report by the Center for American Progress and the Center for Genetics and Society examines the mainstream media's focus on genetic links to disease and health disparities and recent attempts to racialize those genetic links. Detailed in the report are the implications of this trend and a refocusing of the discussion on racial health disparities on the social determinants that impact disparities in the United States.
DNA Dieting? It was only a matter of time.....by Jamie BrooksBiopolitical TimesNovember 28th, 2007
Oprah on Renting Wombs in India: “It’s beautiful”by Jamie D. BrooksBiopolitical TimesOctober 11th, 2007On Tuesday, viewers of the Oprah Winfrey Show were informed that Americans going to India to hire surrogates on the cheap is not exploitation. Rather, it’s a warm and fuzzy example of “women helping women.”
Everybody into the Poolby Jamie D. BrooksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 10th, 2007It’s been confirmed: Collecting arrestees’ DNA – as opposed to those convicted of serious violent crimes – exacerbates the racism inherent in criminal justice systems. And how should we combat this? “Collect the DNA of everyone in the U.K.,” says Lord Justice Sedley, one of England’s most experienced appeal court judges.


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