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Emily Galpern in the News

The Egg Trade Making Sense of the Market for Human Oocytesby  Debora SparNew England Journal of MedicineMarch 30th, 2007What we need, therefore, is a fresh debate on egg donation and a new set of policies. We need to consider the health risks and ways of identifying and mitigating them.
New Battle Lines Are Drawn Over Egg Donationby Lee RomneyLos Angeles TimesSeptember 13th, 2006"A spirited disagreement over payment has split feminists, with some calling compensation to research subjects coercive and others contending that banning it is paternalistic."
Women's risk is issue in Missouri stem cell debateby Matt FranckSt. Louis Post-DispatchAugust 6th, 2006"A proposed constitutional amendment protecting stem cell research is likely to rise or fall on whether Missourians view a mass of cells in a Petri dish as a cure for disease or a human embryo worthy of protection."


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