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August 29, 2007

Death in Gene Therapy Experiment Rocks FieldGenetic CrossroadsAugust 29th, 2007The recent death of a woman in a gene transfer study of arthritis has shaken the experimental field known as "gene therapy."
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsAugust 29th, 2007And Behind This Door..., Foolproof DNA?, Biotechnology Appeals to Our Lizard Brains, and more.
CGS in the NewsGenetic CrossroadsAugust 29th, 2007Home DNA Tests Create Medical, Ethical Quandaries and Death Points to Risks in Research
Other News and ViewsGenetic CrossroadsAugust 29th, 2007New Mo. group Targets Stem-Cell Work, Latest Genealogy Tools Create a Need to Know, and more.


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