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April 16, 2008

Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks.by Richard HayesWashington Post onlineApril 16th, 2008New human genetic technologies have real potential to help prevent or cure many terrible diseases. But if misapplied, they would exacerbate existing inequalities and reinforce existing modes of discrimination.
CGS on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation Genetic CrossroadsApril 16th, 2008CGS’s Marcy Darnovsky was a guest on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation program, debating “Designing Babies” with libertarian bioethicist Ronald Green. You can listen to the program online and read comments on the show.
Are We Headed for a Sci-Fi Dystopia?by Marcy DarnovskyAlternetApril 16th, 2008Those in Gen X and Gen Y who ponder the prospect of a repro-genetic dystopia think of Gattaca. Last week's release of a collector's edition of the 1997 film unavoidably prompts us to measure ourselves against its "not-too-distant future" of genetic castes and DNA-based discrimination. Has our world become more like Gattaca than it was a decade ago?
How to Break the Stem Cell Logjamby Jesse ReynoldsBioethics ForumApril 16th, 2008The stem cell wars may be cooling. But both sides need to take this opportunity seriously.
The Many Hats of Robert Kleinby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesApril 16th, 2008The chair of California's multi-billion dollar stem cell research agency tries to juggle many hats, including those of advocate and lobbyist.
Child Abuse: UK Police Want Genes of 5-Year-Old "Future Criminals"by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesApril 16th, 2008A top UK police official wants to collect DNA samples from children as young as five.
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsApril 16th, 2008Here are some additional recent posts from CGS' blog, Biopolitical Times.
Other News and ViewsGenetic CrossroadsApril 16th, 2008The Globalization of Baby-Making, The Curious Lives of Surrogates, Lawless Gene-Testing Industry Needs a Sheriff, and more.


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