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June 11, 2008

Disgraced Stem Cell Researcher Turns to Dog Cloning for Cash Genetic CrossroadsJune 11th, 2008A northern California biotech start-up is about to auction off "five dog cloning service slots to the general public," with bids starting at $100,000.
Red Flags Over Consumer Geneticsby Marcy DarnovskySan Diego Union TribuneJune 11th, 2008GINA is a welcome step, and a long overdue one. But even assuming it's effectively enforced, we're at the beginning of a long and bumpy road.
Congressional Hearing on International Governance of Human BiotechnologiesGenetic CrossroadsJune 11th, 2008The US House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade will hold a hearing on "Genetics and other Human Modification Technologies: Sensible International Regulation or a New Kind of Arms Race."
Race-specific Drugs: Regulatory Trends and Public Policyby David Winickoff and Osagie K. ObasogieTrends in Pharmacological SciencesJune 11th, 2008Numerous articles and commentaries in the health literature recently have questioned the emergence of race as an increasingly powerful organizing principle in clinical medicine and pharmaceutical development. Yet proposals for regulatory reform remain thin.
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CGS in the News Genetic CrossroadsJune 11th, 2008
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