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The New Eugenicsby Michael DorseyWorld WatchJune 30th, 2002
Designer Babies: Human cloning is a long way off, but bioengineered kids are already here. by Shannon BrownleeThe Washington MonthlyFebruary 28th, 2002
Jack or Jill? The Era of Consumer-Driven Eugenics Has Begunby Margaret TalbotThe Atlantic MonthlyFebruary 28th, 2002
Fertility Society Opposes Choosing Embryos Just for Sex Selectionby Gina KolataThe New York Times February 16th, 2002
Open Letter on Sex Selection to Fertility Industry Trade Group January 18th, 2002
Human Cloning Advocate Pushes Fertility Clinics to OK Sex SelectionGenetic CrossroadsOctober 3rd, 2001
Fertility Ethics Authority Approves Sex Selectionby Gina KolataThe New York TimesSeptember 28th, 2001
Clinics' Pitch to Indian Émigrés: It's a Boyby Susan SachsThe New York Times August 15th, 2001
Designer Babiesby Michael D. LemonickTimeJanuary 11th, 1999
Designer Babiesby Sharon BegleyNewsweekNovember 9th, 1998
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