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Building Better Bodiesby Nicholas D. KristofThe New York TimesAugust 25th, 2004
America: Pet cloning and genetic modificationORC for AAVSFebruary 8th, 2004
Experts Fear the Worst for Clones of Humans: Children face risk of being 'perpetually ill'by Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleDecember 29th, 2002
CLONING FIRMS STUMBLEGenetic CrossroadsNovember 26th, 2002
Inside the Very Strange World of Billionaire John Sperlingby Melanie WarnerFortuneApril 29th, 2002
Biotech Companies Trying to Milk Cloning for Profitby Denise GelleneLos Angeles TimesDecember 16th, 2001
Ethical Concerns Block Patents of Useful Embryonic Advancesby  Antonio Regelado and Meera LouisThe Wall Street JournalAugust 20th, 2001
Don't Clone Humans!by Rudolf Jaenisch and Ian WilmutScienceMarch 30th, 2001
News Stories about Tinkering with DNA Miss the Big PictureGlowing Rabbit Shows We're Creeping Toward Redesigning Human Lifeby Tom Abate San Francisco ChronicleSeptember 25th, 2000
Clone Defects Point to Need for 2 Genetic Parentsby Rick WeissThe Washington PostMay 10th, 1999
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