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February 4, 2000 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
February 4th, 2000

"We should be on our guard not to overestimate
science and scientific methods when it is a
question of human problems; and we should not
assume that experts are the only ones who have
a right to express themselves on questions
affecting the organization of society."

--Albert Einstein (Time Magazine's "Person
of the Century"), May 1949.

RECENT EVENTSGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
The Asilomar 25th anniversary symposium, the "Symposium on Science, Ethics and Society," will be held February 15-17 in Pacific Grove, CA. Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
AAAS Symposium: "Changing Our Genetic Future Through Germline Intervention," Washington DC, Monday, February 21Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
"The New Human Genetic Technologies and Social Justice," Santa Cruz, CA, Wednesday March 1Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
New Scientist: "The Last Taboo"Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
Lord Robert Winston: "Genetically Modified Babies Inevitable"Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
Charles Murray: "Deeper into the Brain"Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
Richard Hayes: "In the Pipeline: Genetically Modified Humans?"Genetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000
International Network on Bioethics and DisabilityGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 4th, 2000


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