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A Real "Brave New World"What Human Genetic Engineers Plan for Your Futureby Mark Gabrish ConlanZenger's NewsmagazineJune 27th, 2001Opponents of human genetic engineering spoke forcefully at a workshop at San Diego City College June 24 as part of the Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V event.
NOT A DESIGNER BABY: Embryo Selection Provides Tissue Match for Sick SisterGenetic CrossroadsOctober 16th, 2000
Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic TestingGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 19th, 2000A 22-page report titled "The Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic Testing: Reflections and Recommendations," has been published by the Hastings Center.
The Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic Testing [PDF]Reflections and Recommendationsby Erik Parens and Adrienne AschHastings Center Report
Interview with Richard Hayes by Casey WalkerHuman Genetic Engineeringby Casey WalkerWild Duck ReviewMay 31st, 1999
Human germline gene modification: a dissent. (Viewpoint)by Paul R Billings; Ruth Hubbard; Stuart A. NewmanThe LancetMay 29th, 1999
Designer Babiesby Michael D. LemonickTimeJanuary 11th, 1999
Designer Babiesby Sharon BegleyNewsweekNovember 9th, 1998
SuperhumansLike it or not, in a few short years we'll have the power to control our own evolutionby Robert Taylor New ScientistOctober 1st, 1998
Problems of Germline Therapyby Anne McLaren and Jonathan EwbankNatureApril 16th, 1998
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