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What next for human gene therapy?by Eric T. JuengstBritish Medical JournalJune 28th, 2003
Gene Therapy Trials Haltedby Andrew PollackThe New York TimesJanuary 15th, 2003
In Utero Somatic Gene Transfer ProposalsMarch 15th, 2002In 1990 W. French Anderson became the first person to attempt authorized somatic gene transfer experiments on humans. In 1998 he proposed to begin in utero somatic gene transfer experiments and in the process, in his words, "push the envelope" on inheritable genetic modification.
Lawsuit in Gene Therapy Death Settled Suspended Experiment Allowed to ResumeGenetic CrossroadsDecember 7th, 2000
New Push for In Utero Gene TransferGenetic CrossroadsDecember 7th, 2000
Gelsinger wrongful death lawsuit names bioethicist CaplanGenetic CrossroadsOctober 16th, 2000
News Stories about Tinkering with DNA Miss the Big PictureGlowing Rabbit Shows We're Creeping Toward Redesigning Human Lifeby Tom Abate San Francisco ChronicleSeptember 25th, 2000
Behind the Jesse Gelsinger StoryGenetic CrossroadsAugust 4th, 2000
Somatic Gene Transfer Somatic gene transfer involves adding genes to cells other than egg or sperm cells. If you had a lung disease caused by a defective gene, scientists might be able to add a healthy gene to your lung cells and alleviate the disease. The new gene would not be passed to any children you may subsequently have.
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