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NIH Ethics Advisory Committee Disbandedby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 30th, 2010The abrupt cancellation of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society is a disquieting development.
Surrendering a Gene Patent: An International Twist in Myriad Debate by Dan Vorhaus and John ConleyGenomics Law ReportSeptember 29th, 2010In the U.S., Myriad continues to press its patent claims in court; but in Australia, the company has offered to "surrender ownership of its Australian breast cancer patent" to "the people of Australia." However, much about this remains unclear.
Of geese and genesby Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesSeptember 2nd, 2010The Financial Times publishes an argument for a "pre-competitive commons."
Patent Happeningsby Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesJuly 7th, 2010The pace of news on legal challenges to patents on human genes is quickening.
AMA meeting: Patents should not be issued for human genesby Victoria Stagg Elliottamednews.comJune 28th, 2010The American Medical Association opposes the patenting of human genes and related naturally occurring mutations.
Human Genome Project leader warns against attempts to patent genesby Alok JhaThe Guardian (UK)June 24th, 2010John Sulston, who led the UK branch of the Human Genome Project, says patents on human genes would restrict access to treatments and inhibit research.
The case for and against the patenting of genesby Faye FlamPhiladelphia EnquirerJune 21st, 2010In 1998, Penn geneticists Arupa Ganguly and Haig Kazazian were ordered to stop offering women a test for genetic mutations that carry a dire risk of breast cancer.
Cancer gene patent faces legal challenge [Australia]AAPJune 8th, 2010Landmark legal action was launched against the owners of the patent over the genes associated with an increased risk of cancer.
Environmentalists Try to Ban Release of Synthetic Life Forms into The Wild [UK]by Steve ConnorThe IndependentMay 24th, 2010Environmentalists last week sought to use the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to push for moratorium on release of synthetic life forms into the wild.
Stem cells, human genes, and patentsby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMay 14th, 2010A recent ruling on a stem cell patent is similar with concurrent challenges to patents on human genes related to breast cancer.
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