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Genes belong to humanity[Editorial; Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]Charlottesville Daily ProgressApril 6th, 2010Claiming exclusive domain over human genes is a troubling precedent. Genes come from our bodies and thus should belong to all of us
Gene Patents on CBS's "60 Minutes"by Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesApril 2nd, 2010This Sunday, the long-running American television news show will air a segment on the debate over human gene patents.
Gene-patenting issue not settled despite ruling[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Deborah L. SheltonChicago TribuneApril 1st, 2010A judge threw out patents on genes linked to breast and ovarian cancer, siding with scientists and health advocates who argue that a company cannot patent a product of nature.
Court Rules Isolated and Purified Breast Cancer Genes Unpatentable Under §101[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds and Marcy Darnovsky]by Tony DutraThe Bureau of National AffairsMarch 31st, 2010Isolated and purified DNA lacking “markedly different characteristics” from native DNA is not patentable, a US court ruled.
It Ain't 'Brave New World' Yet: Federal Court Strikes Down Human Gene Patents[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Peter JamisonSan Francisco WeeklyMarch 31st, 2010​The Center for Genetics and Society is trumpeting a ruling from a New York-based federal court that squashed a biotech company's efforts to patent human genes.
Historic Gene Patent Ruling Provokes Cheers and Jeersby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 31st, 2010A landmark court ruling that human genes cannot be patented provokes both praise and criticism.
Public Interest Group Praises Court Decision that Human Genes Cannot Be PatentedCenter for Genetics and Society Calls Ruling a Victory for Patients, Consumers and Responsible ResearchMarch 30th, 2010CGS welcomed yesterday's District Court decision invalidating patents on genes associated with breast and ovarian cancer, which ruled that human genes cannot be patented because they are products of nature
Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Marilynn MarchioneThe Associated PressMarch 29th, 2010In a ruling with potentially far-reaching implications for the patenting of human genes, a judge on Monday struck down a company's patents on two genes linked to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
Myriad breast cancer patent very broad, study findsby Maggie FoxReutersMarch 22nd, 2010Researchers say patent covers parts of most human genes
Myriad speaks out of both sides of its mouthby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMarch 8th, 2010In defending its patents on human genes, Myriad Genetics says that a ruling against it would mean everything, and mean nothing.
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