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How a University's Patents May Limit Stem-Cell Researchby By ANTONIO REGALADO and DAVID P. HAMILTONWall Street JournalJuly 18th, 2006"But some government officials and scientists say the strict limits imposed by the Bush administration are only part of what's hindering stem-cell research. Another problem: several broad patents held by a University of Wisconsin foundation."
Panel scraps stem cell discovery-sharing ruleby Sandy KleffmanContra Costa TimesJuly 15th, 2006"A panel deciding what benefits California taxpayers will receive from their $3 billion investment in stem cell research agreed Friday to remove a discovery-sharing requirement that the biotech industry vigorously opposed."
Biotech execs: No sharing of stem-cell researchby Steve JohnsonSan Jose Mercury NewsJune 30th, 2006"A proposal that would let the state share in any profits that result from its $3 billion stem-cell research grants and force researchers to freely disseminate their discoveries has riled biotech executives..."
Initiative's creator keeps tinkering: Senator, oversight panel often at oddsby Terri SomersSan Diego Union-TribuneJune 2nd, 2006This longer article examines Sen. Deborah Ortiz's support for Proposition 71, and her work to reform it since its passage.
Editorial: Cellular mutationSacramento BeeJune 2nd, 2006"In her latest effort to reform California's $3 billion stem cell research institute, state Sen. Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento, has introduced SB 401, a proposed ballot measure that seeks to close gaps in Proposition 71..."
Editorial: Legal delays may be a plus for state's stem-cell effortSan Jose Mercury NewsJune 1st, 2006"But the delay has had the side benefit of allowing the stem-cell agency to solidify its planning, structure and regulations."
Opinion: The legal lock on stem cellsby Jennifer WashburnLos Angeles TimesApril 12th, 2006"CALIFORNIA'S $3-billion stem cell program has encountered repeated setbacks since it was approved by voters 17 months ago. Now it faces an entirely new and potentially even more worrisome challenge arising from two powerful patents..."
Opinion: Stem-cell grants ought to hinge on public benefitsby John SimpsonSan Jose Mercury NewsApril 10th, 2006"Companies like Genentech act like committed socialists when it comes to taxpayers and the government bearing the risk of drug development. But they are greedy capitalists when it's time to parcel out the profits."
Out-of-State Facility Demands Part of Stem Cell Research Royaltiesby Lee RomneyLos Angeles TimesMarch 30th, 2006"[T]he University of Wisconsin foundation that claims broad patent rights to all embryonic stem cell lines in the U.S. has vowed to demand payments from California. That could spur a bitter court fight...."
Opinion: Taxpayers must benefit from stem-cell researchby John SimpsonSan Francisco ChronicleMarch 27th, 2006"Prop. 71 promises public benefit, but whether that actually comes about will depend on the details of who controls the discoveries and how technologies and treatments developed from those discoveries are priced. "
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