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Betting That Biotech Will Bring the FDA to Heel? Donít Count On Itby Luke TimmermanXconomyJune 30th, 2011Word is that BIO has been working behind the scenes on a series of pro-industry legislative proposals that take aim at the Food and Drug Administration, the agency with the power to make or break companies developing innovative new medical products.
A Near-Miss on Gene Patents in Congressby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesJune 23rd, 2011A House bill seeking to work around the harms of gene patents may inadvertently threaten ongoing efforts toward a ban, many advocacy and medical groups worry.
Is the Patent Office Forcing Race into Biotechnology Patents?by Jonathan Kahn, Biopolitical Times guest contributorJune 14th, 2011As we claim to be making progress toward a promised land of personalized medicine, group categories of race seem to be gaining salience in both law and science.
Doctor Abandons US Patent Application[Solomon Islands]Solomon Times April 11th, 2011The Network of the Indigenous Peoples-Solomons welcomes the abandonment of a US patent application that uses genetic samples from Solomon Islanders, in a case that raises major ethical questions.
Breast Cancer Gene Case Has Another Day in Court by Eric Hoffman and Jaydee Hanson, Biopolitical Times guest contributorsApril 7th, 2011A US appeals court hears arguments in a high-profile case challenging human gene patents.
More Arguing About Human Gene Patents in Courtby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesApril 7th, 2011A Federal Court of Appeals panel heard oral arguments in the Myriad case, but gave no hint of its decision; either way, many expect it to go to the Supreme Court.
Myriad gene patent appeal draws crowd, stirs judges by Matt CanhamThe Salt Lake TribuneApril 5th, 2011The panel of judges for the Federal Circuit questioned attorneys before a few hundred spectators, which is an unusually long time for oral arguments and an unusually large crowd.
The Corrupting Influence of the Business of Biotechby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 23rd, 2010Many scientists seem oblivious of the potential that industry funding offers for conflicts of interest.
New ETC Report on Synthetic Biology & the Global Biomass Grabby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 3rd, 2010"The New Biomassters" considers the wider implications of the proposed new bioeconomy, which will exploit the people of the global South.
Gene Patent Ruling Raises Questions for Industryby Andrew PollackNew York TimesNovember 1st, 2010Sharp reaction greeted the declaration that human and other genes are not patentable.
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