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Patenting human genes thwarts research, scientists sayby Robert S. BoydMcClatchy NewspapersJune 3rd, 2009Rapid advances in biology and genetics are raising fresh concerns about the spreading practice of patenting human genes.
The fight for our genes heads to court[Editorial; Cites CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]San Francisco ChronicleMay 23rd, 2009Human gene patents are crippling scientists and restricting patients
ACLU Lawsuit Says Gene Patents are Unconstitutionalby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMay 13th, 2009A legal challenge that could change the shape of the biotechnology industry.
Statement of support for legal challenge against patents on breast cancer genesMay 12th, 2009CGS applauds the efforts of the ACLU and the Public Patent Foundation to challenge the patents that have been granted on breast cancer genes.
Cancer Patients Challenge the Patenting of a Geneby John SchwartzNew York TimesMay 12th, 2009Cancer patients, researchers, and public interest groups are challenging the decision to grant a patent on a gene related to breast cancer.
Pig Patents Provoke Protests in Germanyby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 24th, 2009A street protest outside the European Patent Office in Munich highlights concerns about the patenting of animals.
Pitt researcher again pursues cloning patentby Walter F. Roche Jr.Pittshburgh Tribune-ReviewApril 4th, 2009A Pittsburgh stem cell researcher has renewed his efforts to win a patent on cloning human embryos, despite lingering questions from his past efforts.
23andMe Gets Into the Breast Cancer Testing Businessby Osagie K. ObasogieBiopolitical TimesFebruary 23rd, 2009Google-backed 23andMe, a leader in the recreational genetics sector, has added a new service: telling its customers whether they have a genetic variant that may significantly increase their chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer.
Africansí DNA could be abusedby Bobby JordanThe Times (South Africa)February 14th, 2009South African researchers and traditional leaders fear US scientists will soon start patenting the genes of local ethnic groups, many of whom have donated blood samples as part of a worldwide genome-mapping project.
Hwang to Back His Own Inventionsby Kim Tong-hyungThe Korea TimesJanuary 12th, 2009Getting a shot at redemption, Hwang's colleague at the Sooam Biotech Research Center confirmed that Seoul National University had handed over the intellectual property rights for Hwang's claimed inventions in human stem cell research to H-Bion.
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