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Myriad gene patent appeal draws crowd, stirs judges by Matt CanhamThe Salt Lake TribuneApril 5th, 2011The panel of judges for the Federal Circuit questioned attorneys before a few hundred spectators, which is an unusually long time for oral arguments and an unusually large crowd.
The Corrupting Influence of the Business of Biotechby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 23rd, 2010Many scientists seem oblivious of the potential that industry funding offers for conflicts of interest.
New ETC Report on Synthetic Biology & the Global Biomass Grabby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesNovember 3rd, 2010"The New Biomassters" considers the wider implications of the proposed new bioeconomy, which will exploit the people of the global South.
Gene Patent Ruling Raises Questions for Industryby Andrew PollackNew York TimesNovember 1st, 2010Sharp reaction greeted the declaration that human and other genes are not patentable.
Reactions to US Government "Bombshell" against Gene Patents by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesNovember 1st, 2010The Department of Justice now says that genes are products of nature, not human-made inventions, and therefore cannot be patented.
U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patentsby Andrew PollackNew York Times October 29th, 2010The government suggested such a change would have limited impact on the biotechnology industry because man-made manipulations of DNA could still be patented.
Who owns your genes? In many cases, not you by Ginny GravesMSNBCMany companies hold patents on patient's genes, affecting testing, cancer research.
NIH Ethics Advisory Committee Disbandedby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 30th, 2010The abrupt cancellation of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society is a disquieting development.
Surrendering a Gene Patent: An International Twist in Myriad Debate by Dan Vorhaus and John ConleyGenomics Law ReportSeptember 29th, 2010In the U.S., Myriad continues to press its patent claims in court; but in Australia, the company has offered to "surrender ownership of its Australian breast cancer patent" to "the people of Australia." However, much about this remains unclear.
Of geese and genesby Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesSeptember 2nd, 2010The Financial Times publishes an argument for a "pre-competitive commons."
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