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UK's HFEA Lowers the Bar, Againby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesApril 30th, 2007The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority - Britain's regulatory body for reproductive and genetic technologies - has just given the green light for IVF embryos to be screened for the "breast cancer genes." But besides this lowering of the bar in expanding PGD's use, this also highlights two roles played by government in promoting what some call a "new eugenics."
U.S. invalidates three human stem cell patentsby Karen KaplanLos Angeles TimesApril 4th, 2007The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated three broad patents for human embryonic stem cells that have been blamed for slowing research in the highly visible field of regenerative medicine.
CGS letter on California's SB771April 4th, 2007CGS supports, if amended, SB771. We are concerned that the bill as currently written does not go far enough to protect Californians from potentially unfair pricing practices.
Restrictive Stem Cell Patents Overturnedby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesApril 4th, 2007The licensing arm of the University of Wisconsin has long been criticized for its patents in embryonic stem cell research. Earlier this week, a federal agency agreed with these sentiments, and invalidated its stem cell patents.
Genetic justice, industry styleby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMarch 19th, 2007The issues raised by the intertwining of law and human biotechnologies are often technically and socially complex. What's a busy jurist to do?
Neurolawby Osagie K. ObasogieBiopolitical TimesMarch 13th, 2007Should courts be in the business of deciding when to mitigate someone's criminal responsibility because his brain functions improperly, whether because of age, in-born defects or trauma?
Bill to End Human Gene Patents Introduced in HouseGenetic CrossroadsFebruary 28th, 2007Hoping to end patents on human genes and genetic material, Representatives Xavier Becerra (D-CA) and Dave Weldon (R-FL) have introduced HR 977, the Genomic Research and Accessibility Act.
Congressmen Introduce Bill to End Gene Patentsby Osagie K. ObasogieBiopolitical TimesFebruary 28th, 2007Patenting genes has become a burgeoning biotech business model.
Public Interest Group Welcomes Bill to Ensure Stem Cell Instituteís PromisesFebruary 23rd, 2007Center for Genetics and Society says California agency must provide for affordable treatments and returns to the state
Patenting Lifeby Michael CrichtonNew York TimesFebruary 13th, 2007YOU, or someone you love, may die because of a gene patent that should never have been granted in the first place. Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, itís only too real.
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