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UN debates abortion of disabled foetusesby Irwin ArieffReutersFebruary 5th, 2005"U.N. diplomats drafting an international treaty on the rights of the disabled debated a possible ban on the abortion of foetuses with disabilities in an emotional negotiating session that ended on Friday."
Disability Community and Identity: Perceptions of Prenatal Screeningby Deborah Kaplan and Marsha SaxtonExcerpt from Our Bodies Ourselves (2005 edition)This article explores the social origins of disability discrimination and its implications for prenatal diagnosis, and examines some of the objections to screening expressed by people with disabilities.
Embryo screening 'devalues' disabled (New Zealand)by Rebecca PalmerStuff NZNovember 25th, 2004"Screening human embryos for serious genetic conditions could 'devalue' disabled children, the Office of the Children's Commissioner says."
Genetics: Deaf By Designby Carina DennisNatureOctober 20th, 2004"Employing genetic diagnosis to avoid having a baby with a disability is controversial enough. But a minority of deaf people would consider testing to ensure that they had a deaf child."
The New Eugenicsby Nicholas D. KristofNew York TimesJuly 4th, 2003One of the most profound and layered questions raised by recent genetic advances is this: Do we as a species still want babies born with genetic disabilities?
Disability Equality and Prenatal Testing: Contradictory or Compatible? [PDF]by Adrienne AschFlorida State University Law ReviewNovember 30th, 2002"Is it possible for the same society to espouse the goals of including people with disabilities as fully equal and participating members and simultaneously promoting the use of embryo selection and selective abortion to prevent the births of those who would live with disabilities? As currently practiced and justified, prenatal testing and embryo selection cannot comfortably coexist with society’s professed goals of promoting inclusion and equality for people with disabilities. Nonetheless, revamped clinical practice and social policy could permit informed reproductive choice and respect for current and future people with disabilities."
Disabled Peoples International Statement on Human GeneticsGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001The European contingent of Disabled Peoples International (DPI Europe) released a position statement in November on the new human genetics.
Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic TestingGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 19th, 2000A 22-page report titled "The Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic Testing: Reflections and Recommendations," has been published by the Hastings Center.
Japanese cloning researchers break the rulesGenetic CrossroadsNovember 21st, 1999
The Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic Testing [PDF]Reflections and Recommendationsby Erik Parens and Adrienne AschHastings Center Report
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