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Germline Warfareby Ralph BraveThe NationApril 7th, 2003Bill McKibben's "Enough" is reviewed by Ralph Brave at The Nation.
Human Cloning and Genetic TechnologyThe Global Challenge to Social Justice, Human Rights and the EnvironmentFebruary 25th, 2003The Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Center for Genetics and Society, and the Worldwatch Institute presented a briefing and discussion in Washington.
The Science and Politics of Genetically Modified Humansby Richard HayesWorldwatchJuly 1st, 2002Will new genetic technologies be carefully controlled for their benefits—or will they inadvertently destroy civil society? Say hello to the post-human ideology.
The Genome as CommonsThrough all the trials and tribulations of human history what binds us in the end is our common humanityby Tom Athanasiou and Marcy DarnovskyWorldWatchJuly 1st, 2002Perhaps we must put the human genome itself on this endangered commons list, and note that if this genetic commons too is lost to partition and privatization, if it too becomes the privilege of the affluent, then none of us on either side of the divide can be sure of retaining the "humanity" we like to think we've achieved.
Why Environmentalists Should Be Concernedby Bill McKibbenWorldWatchJune 30th, 2002Humans have dangerously destabilized the Earth's ecological system. If we now begin altering our evolved interdependence with nature, we will only accelerate the destabilization.
Environmental Leaders on Cloned and Genetically Modified HumansLetter to the US Senate from Environmental Leaders Concerning Cloning and Inheritable Genetic Modification February 6th, 2002Nine prominent environmental leaders delivered this public letter to the US Senate, calling for a ban on human reproductive cloning and inheritable gene modification.
E Magazine Cover Story: "Designing People"Genetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
The Quiet Campaign for Genetically Engineered Humansby Richard HayesEarth Island Journal, Spring 2001
Interview with Richard Hayes by Casey WalkerHuman Genetic Engineeringby Casey WalkerWild Duck ReviewMay 31st, 1999
Designer Peopleby Sally DeneenE MagazineThe Human Genetic Blueprint Has Been Drafted, Offering Both Perils and Opportunities for the Environment. The Big Question: Are We Changing the Nature of Nature?
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