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Welcoming our new Fellows Nov 13, 2014 Three new fellows will work with CGS on the social justice and human rights issues surrounding commercial surrogacy and egg retrieval.
Egg freezing poses health risks to women [Press statement]Oct 15, 2014 Facebook and Apple’s egg freezing “benefit” is ill-advised for multiple reasons
Talking Biopolitics with Dorothy Roberts and Jonathan Marks On this webcast Dorothy Roberts and Jonathan Marks discussed Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, and the endurance of scientific racism.
Talking Biopolitics with Charis Thompson Charis Thompson's conversation with David Winickoff about her new book Good Science is now available online.
Celebrating Troy Duster Video is now available of this day-long event featuring talks and reflections on Troy Duster's scholarly and personal influences, and the significance of his work for current and future challenges.


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