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Center for Genetics and Society Comments on Just-Released Report on Germline Mitochondrial Manipulations [Press statement]Feb 03, 2016 The National Academy of Medicine's report conclusion – that no ethical or policy considerations stand in the way of clinical investigations going forward – seems at odds with the many cautions, risks, and concerns that it raises.
Center for Genetics and Society Statement on UK Approval of Gene Editing Research Using Human Embryos [Press statement]Feb 01, 2016 “Is today's decision part of a strategy to overturn the widespread agreement that puts genetically modified humans off limits?”
CGS Selected to Host a Public Fellow by the American Council of Learned Societies Applications for CGS Project Director on Race, Genetics, and Society can be made through the ACLS Public Fellows Program.
Extreme Genetic Engineering and the Human Future Reclaiming Emerging Biotechnologies for the Common Good The Center for Genetics and Society and Friends of the Earth examine the human applications of synthetic biology. This 50-page report challenges claims that this new set of genetic engineering techniques should be seen as "the future of manufacturing, engineering and medicine."
Center for Genetics and Society releases open letter and report calling for prohibitions on human germline engineering [Press statement]Nov 29, 2015 Scholars, health practitioners, scientists, public interest advocates, and others have signed a CGS-organized open letter calling for strengthened prohibitions against heritable human genetic modification.


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